CAN Bus data logger

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CAN Bus Data Logger

Looking for CANBus data logging solutions?

Influx Technology brings you trusted engineering and automotive data logging solutions that make a difference. Our CANBus data loggers, Instrumentation tools and Software provide you with a one-spot solution for all your data logging needs.

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CANBus data logger

CAN Bus Data Loggers

CAN Bus data loggers with CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, GPS, GNSS, OBD and J1939 compatibility for hassle-free data logging needs. Our data loggers support remote logging via LTE or Wi-Fi. Out the box solutions provide our customers with the best data acquisition systems.


Multi DAQ Instruments

Reliable and accurate sensor management with our K-Series CAN Bus instrumentation modules. Stack-able and designed for accurate measurement of analogue, thermocouple and digital/PWM sensors together in one module. Capable of functioning as standalone temperature data loggers with internal storage capability for CAN applications.

temperature data logger

CAN Analyzer Software

Explore our range of Software’s for CAN Bus network, capable of On-Board diagnostics, CAN Bus analysis, fleet management with Real-time data streaming, and more. Advanced data logging software that provides tools to configure, analyse and export detailed CAN Bus data faster.


Our CAN Bus products are

Influx Accurate Data Loggers


Ultimately all of us require data, error free data! We assure you zero data loss with Influx 

Influx Reliable Data Loggers


Data Loggers consistently good in quality & performance for over a period of 20+ years.


CAN Data loggers with eMMC storage capability, offers the at most level of data security.

Robust data loggers from Influx


Upto IP67 level of enclosure protection for the toughest logger working conditions.


CAN Bus Data Loggers, that are renowned for its user friendliness all over the world.

Influx configurable loggers

Easily Configurable

Just plug and start to play! CAN DAQ's Comes with simple and easy to use software.

Influx compact CAN Data Loggers


We know your space constraints, so we offer you pocket sized  CAN/CAN FD loggers.

Influx Data Loggers


Cutting-edge technology! we strive to give you the best, outstanding loggers.