CAN Interface Products
  • Rebel Dash
  • Kvaser T-Cannector v2
  • Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2
Data Logger Cables
  • INF4103: 180 degree OBD Type-B to 9-Way Sub D Adapter Cable 
  • INF4104: Rebel FlexRay/CAN Breakout Cable
  • INF4203: Rebel LT CAN Bus Breakout Cable
  • INF4204.1: Rebel Multi-Connect Cable (5 Lead)
  • INF4210: Rebel Dash Deutsch Cable
  • INF4302: Rebel Digital Switch
Instrumentation Cables
  •  INF4206: Auxilary Power Cable
  • INF2411: 25-Way to 25-Way D-Sub Shielded Cable
  • INF4212.0: 9-Way D-Sub Screw Terminal, Male
  • INF4212.1: 9-Way D-Sub Screw Terminal, Female
  • INF4214: 25-Way D-Sub Screw Terminal, Female
  • INF4300: Micro USB Cable, USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B
  • INF4305.0: DB9 to DB9 Cable (Male to Female)
  • INF4305.1: DB9 to DB9 Cable (Male to Male)
  • INF4308C: 9-Way to 9-Way D-Sub Cable (Male to Female)
  • INF4310: D-Sub 9 CAN Bus Terminator
SD Cards
  • SDHC Cards
  • Industrial SD Cards
  • Extreme SDXC Cards
  • Micro SD Cards
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