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Reliable and accurate sensor management with our K-Series range of CAN Bus instrumentation modules. 

Learn more on K-series CAN Instrumentation Modules with this short video.

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Multi-DAQ Modules

■ Stackable instrumentation designed for accurate sensor measurement, with captured data being transmitted on the CAN Bus.

■ Ideal for applications requiring quick set-up and collection of thermocouples, analog, digital and PWM inputs.

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Analog DAQ Modules

■ Stackable instrumentation designed for accurate sensor measurement for CAN applications.
■ Ideal for applications requiring quick set-up and measurement of analog and digital/PWM sensors together in one module
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Sensor Signal Generator

■ Stackable and configurable signal generator for CAN applications (CAN to sensor signal converter)

■ Configural output operating modes include voltage, current, frequency, PWM and digital

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Temperature Data Loggers

■ Stackable and configurable thermocouple modules to achieve any combination of inputs

Internal cold junction compensation

Can be used as standalone temperature data loggers with internal storage capability

  The K-TC modules belong to the Influx K-series instrumentation range for CAN applications. The stackable K-TC is ideal for applications requiring many thermocouples, such as vehicle durability, winter and summer testing.

  The K-TC modules CAN Bus settings, calibration and sampling rates are all easily configurable and stored in the K-TC module even when not powered.

  The K-TC modules can function as a standalone temperature logger with an inbuilt Micro SDHC storage. The data can be logged with a real timestamp using the internal RTC.

  The input calibration and setup of the K-TC module is easily configurable via Influx K-Cal software, a freely distributable Windows pc application.

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Handling IEPE and PT100/1000 Addons

■ Enables easy connection of IEPE sensors to voltage input measurement devices

K-PT modules allow connection and accurate measurement of PT100 and PT1000 sensors

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K-Cal, the all in one K-Series instrumentation tool.
K Cal Configuration Software

K-Cal is freely distributable and supports all K-series modules. 

■ Calibrate sensor channels and output calibration reports

 Set CAN Bus baud rate and message identifiers

■ Set individual signal channel configuration and scaling, using formulas and tables

■ Set signal sampling rates

■ Construct, Edit and Export DBC files for CAN bus data

■ Monitor signals live with a graphical window

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