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laser triangulation sensor

■ ±1 µm accuracy

■ Sensors with IR lasers

■ Sampling rate up to 160 kHz

■ Measuring ranges from 2 to 2500 mm

■ RS232/RS485/Ethernet/CAN/ CANopen +4...20 mA/0...10V/ModbusRTU

■ Sensors with BLUE lasers to control high temperature, mirrored and semitransparent objects

■ Mutual synchronization of the sensors (master-slave) for multi-axis measurement tasks

■ Service Software for parameter setting and results visualization

■ Free SDK and examples for Windows, Linux, .NET, MATLAB, LabVIEW

■ Binary and ASCII data formats

■ Binocular sensors for laser scanning

The sensors are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of position, displacement, dimensions, surface profile, deformation, vibrations, sorting and sensing of technological objects as well as for measuring levels of liquid and bulk materials, specialized laser sensors for road pavement profile and texture measurement


Sensor operation is based on the principle of optical triangulation. Radiation of a semiconductor laser is focused by an objective on an object. The radiation scattered at the object is collected on the CMOS array by the input lens. Object motion causes a corresponding motion of the image. Built-in signal processor calculates the distance to the object according to the light spot image position on the CMOS array.

Laser Triangulation Sensors

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