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Pass - Thru | ReXgen Automotive CAN logger as a Pass-Thru Device.

Before getting into the details of how the devices from the ReXgen series function as pass-thru devices, it is better to have a slight idea about what a pass-thru device is.

What is SAE J2534 Pass-Thru?

The SAE J2545 is a standard communication protocol that enables vehicles to communicate live data to output devices such as laptops, PCs, etc. The technology and advancements in the modern automotive world are beyond our imagination—something changes or upgrades every second. Imagine how chaotic it would be if all these new vehicles or advancements had separate protocols designed for them each time. Especially for those involved in the problem handling of the vehicles, as repairing all these vehicles might not be possible at one shop.

Considering these factors, the Society of Automotive Engineers introduced the J-2534, which became a universal requirement in 2004. This enabled flash programming of an emission-related ECU, regardless of the communication protocol used. Here, the programming application of any vehicle manufacturer is not dependent on the hardware connections provided. Regardless of the manufacturer, any device can be used to program any vehicle, enabling a one-stop-shop model for vehicle repair.

This protocol provides the framework to enable ECU diagnostics, ECU reprogramming and collection of vehicle data over multiple networks. This enabled the programmers and repair shops to work on any vehicle and understand its programming accordingly.

What is a Pass-Thru device?

So, technically any pass-thru device supports the SAE J2534 protocol in very basic terms. The J2534 hardware device is connected to a standard laptop/PC with the Application Program Interface (API) from the vehicle manufacturer.

The J2534 tool should be capable of communicating with all protocols supported by the J2534 standard.

ReXgen as a Pass-thru tool:

The ReXgen device from Influx is designed to function not just as a data logging device but also as a capable pass-thru device. Using which, one can store the logged data and view live data directly from the vehicle onto the display device.

The communication protocols supported by ReXgen as a J2534 tool are; ISO14229, ISO14230, CAN (ISO11898), ISO15765, and J1939. The pass-thru feature also allows you to use the Influx Module Analyser software with Rexgen. Another very powerful software from Influx offers:

a) CAN monitoring via DBC: allows adding filters, supports periodic transmission of messages, enables viewing of data on scopes, dials, LEDs etc., and facilitates importing of signal directly to the database from the various files.

b) Module Analyser supports ISO15765-1, ISO 15765-2 and ISO14229 diagnostic protocols. It also supports ODX and MDX diagnostic databases.

c) Supports J1939.

d) Integrated ODX/MDX editor.

e) Data acquisition and logging.

f) EOBD/OBDII data retrieval and analysis and single-click reports.

g) Live-monitoring of emissions parameters. This includes engine speed, vehicle speed, engine temperature, manifold pressure, intake air temperature etc.

h) Monitor and clear emissions trouble codes (DTCs)

i) Read vehicle information

j) In extended mode, it can monitor engine parameters from address and parameter identifiers (DIDs), read and write DIDs, offer fast data acquisition, acquires and clear advanced diagnostic trouble codes, and execute test routines.

For more details on Module Analyser, please visit.


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