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Wanting to monitor your automobile or the entire fleet?

Our CAN data logging solution provides you with the best suitable data logging options. May it is development logging, fleet logging, or Network logging, our products do it all.



rebel series

Consists of our extensive range of Rebel data loggers with CAN Bus, LIN Bus, CAN FD Bus, K-Line and FlexRay for data logging support.   

Perfect for vehicle fleet on-road data logging and Vehicle engineering testing with OBD data, J1939 data, CAN monitoring with DBC and CCP/xCP on CAN Bus for data logging applications.

rexgen series

Includes our most compact & inexpensive ReXgen 2 CAN Bus data loggers with CAN & CAN FD Bus for data logging support.

Robust IP65 with internal eMMC withstands high vibration, perfect for motorcycle data logging, fleet data testing, (BMS) battery monitoring  and more. The GNSS version with IMU Gyro sensor is ideal for applications where highly accurate navigation under all signal conditions is required.


Are you a beginner in CAN?
Want to learn more & improve your knowledge?

Influx Data Loggers are

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Ultimately all of us require data, error free data! We assure you zero data loss with Influx.

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CAN Data Loggers, that are renowned for its user friendliness all over the world.

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Data Loggers, consistently good in quality & performance for over a period of 20+ years.

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Data loggers with eMMC storage capability, offers the at most level of data security.

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Upto IP67 level of enclosure protection for the toughest logger conditions.

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Easily Configurable

Just plug and start to play! CAN loggers comes with simple and easy to use software.

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We know your space constraints, so we offer you pocket sized data loggers.

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Cutting-edge technology! we strive to give you the best, outstanding loggers.

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