Remote logging with live data streaming and fleet management.
Remote Logging with live data streaming and fleet management.

Easily stream data from Rebel loggers using StreamLog to give you fast and detailed engineering data along with a comprehensive fleet management system.

StreamLog is scalable, with options suiting both small and large fleets.

The Rebel data logger is a key component of our telematics capability, and with over 15 years of experience in this field, Influx Technology is a world leader.


Key Features:


Avoid potential warranty costs with early detection of DTC events and instant engineering data.

 Easy, intuitive, remote controlled fleet data logging, wirelessly controlled by StreamLog. Saving time and increasing the reliability of testing.

■ Real time data streaming and position tracking from the vehicle with synchronised positioning via GPS.

■ StreamLog will automatically send you reports, updating you on the latest fleet activity and statistics. Email alerts are available on events – such as DTC occurrences.

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