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Difference between a Cell, Block, Battery & Battery pack | Simple Explanation

There is considerable ambiguity in the terminology used to describe the different parts of a battery pack, most likely because alkaline cells are commonly referred to as "batteries", and we frequently forget that a car starter battery is made up of six cells.

A Cell:

Picture of a Standard Li-ion cell
A Standard Li-ion cell

The most fundamental component of a battery is the cell, which provides 3 to 4 volts in the case of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries.

A Block:

Picture of cells arranged as a block.
Cells arranged as a block.

A group of cells with direct parallel wiring that also supplies 3V to 4V;

A Battery:

Picture of cells arranged as a battery
Cells arranged as a battery

A physical module comprises several cells (or blocks) connected in series to produce a higher voltage (such as a battery module with four cells connected in series to produce 12V nominally).

A Pack:

picture of a battery pack
Battery pack

A collection of batteries, arranged in any series and/or parallel combination.

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