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2D Laser Scanner

  • 2D/3D Measurements

  • scanners for welding robots

  • 5 mm to 1500 mm ranges

  • 0,05% of F.S. linearity

  • 6800  profiles/s sampling rate

  • scanners on the base of BLUE and IR lasers

The laser scanners are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of surface profile, dimensions, sorting and sensing of technological objects, 3D models construction.

Scanner operation is based on the principle of optical triangulation.

Radiation of a semiconductor laser is formed by a lens in a line and projected to an object. Radiation scattered from the object is collected by the lens and directed to a two-dimensional CMOS image sensor. The image of object outline thus formed is analyzed by a signal processor, which calculates the distance to the object (Z-coordinate) for each point of the set along the laser line on the object (X-coordinate).


Scanners are characterized by base distance (beginning of the range), SMR, for Z-coordinate, measuring range (MR) for Z-coordinate, measuring range for X-coordinate at the beginning of Z (Xsmr) and measuring range for X-coordinate at the end of Z (Xemr).

laser scanner
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