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Kvaser T-Cannector v2
Affordable and safe CAN bus hub
Affordable and safe CAN bus hub.

Kvaser T-Cannector v2 is a CAN bus hub with three female and one male D-SUB9 connectors. Offering an adjustable CAN termination resistor (120 Ohm, 60 Ohm, or unterminated) it provides an affordable and safe way of terminating the CAN circuit when using CAN interfaces on a development board, as well as powering interface devices without internal power.

Key Features:

■ Acts as a CAN bus hub with 3 female and 1 male D-SUB9 connectors

Each D-SUB9 connector has screws to secure the connection to CAN interfaces

Adjustable termination via easy-to-use switch

12V 1A power supply

LED to indicate power on

Voltage range of 12V-24V DC


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