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Easy-to-use configuration and data handling software for ReXgen
Easy-to-use configuration and data handling software for ReXgen.

ReXdesk is our freely distributable software configuration and general-purpose software tool to work with ReXgen. It is designed to make CAN bus data logging easy.

ReXdesk supports multiple DBC files enabling configurations that includes filters and log on parameter values.

This software is designed to support ReXgen through its entire lifetime, with tools for:

 First-time ReXgen set-up

 Preparation and configuration for data logging

 Data retrieval and conversion, with live data viewing

Key Features
Software Tools
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Key Features:

■ Supports industry-standard DBC files

 Supports CAN and CAN FD (both ISO and non-ISO)

 Supports standard and extended messages

 Triggers, on parameter value or CAN Identifier

 J1939 Identifier formatter and DM1

 CAN error logging and Live CAN trace viewer

 Fast data retrieval and export to other format files

 Software Operating System: Windows

 Modern, easy-to-use display with drag & drop interface

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