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Rebel CT.png

Rebel CT Range CAN Bus Loggers

Typical Applications:
 Fleet durability testing. (Robust IP65 applications)
 Summer and winter vehicle testing
 R&D Engineering development and powertrain calibration
 Pre-production quality assurance
■ After-market customer care. (Securely and discretely collecting data on customer vehicles)

To match the ever-growing need to increase the effectiveness of the development and testing, Influx brings you the Rebel range.

These most effective dataloggers give your response and countermeasures more power, providing adequate cost supervision, that too without the support of any other device. They have significantly reduced power consumption and offer features such as cloud-based data logging globally available with remote fleet management using 4G LTE and can be set up remotely.

Powered with multiple CANbus, CAN FD or Flexray, these CANbus dataloggers offer “Fleet durability testing” with pre-production quality assurance and securely and discretely collecting data on customer vehicles. Robust IP65 applications are suitable for summer and winter vehicle testing. Ideal for R&D Engineering development and powertrain calibration.

Rebel LT Range

Rebel LT Range CANBus Loggers

Typical Applications:
 Vehicle testing with OBD data and additional instrumentation (Analog, digital, thermocouples etc.) 
■ R&D competitor benchmarking tests (reverse engineering) via J1939 and OBD (UDS) data.
■ Vehicle engineering testing with CCP/xCP on CAN.
■ CAN bus data logger applications

Best suited data loggers from Influx for vehicle testing with OBD data and additional Analog, digital, thermocouples instrumentation for all your CANbus data logger application needs. Aids reverse engineering, R&D competitor benchmarking tests via J1939 and OBD 2 (UDS) data. Allows vehicle engineering testing with CCP/xCP on CAN.

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