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Wake on CAN & data logger sleep modes

Have you ever wondered what leaving your vehicle with a data logger can do to it over time? What if? The answer was that it might end up draining all your vehicle’s battery, making you miserable, as recharging the battery or replacing it before the subsequent trial remains the only option. Making it a nightmare for those who own electric-powered vehicles. Battery being their key component for operation, cannot be taken casually.

Technically, a data logger, when plugged into a vehicle, uses the vehicle’s battery to function. The value of power that it draws from the vehicle may be less but, it is not negligible, especially when planning to leave the data logger with your vehicle for a while (may be overnight or when it is parked).

Some data loggers require to function independently for more extended time duration without any human interference. This may lead to the data logger draining your vehicle of its battery completely by the time you really need to use it.

As a solution, a few manufacturers offer additional batteries to go with the data loggers. Connecting a separate battery to the data logger solves this issue altogether. No, drawing power from the vehicle; hence no battery drainage issue, but another aspect to this solution might not be very pleasing or a solution at all. Such arrangement requires more wires to connect the circuitry, which takes up more space and becomes unnecessarily expensive. Imagine trying to install such a data logger in the under-seat storage of your bike.

Well, let us focus on the type of data loggers that provide a real solution. A smarter data logger would take away all your battery worries because it is designed to know when to and when not to consume the battery. These advanced data loggers come equipped with such modes that they use the vehicle’s battery wisely.

Powers down the device and internal circuits to reduce power consumption when there is no CAN activity. This means that the logger goes to sleep if it doesn’t detect any CAN message on the bus, hence consumes significantly less power.

Wakes up the data logger from the sleep mode on the active presence of the CAN signal. Meaning As soon as the vehicle is turned on and CAN activity resumes, the logger immediately starts logging. The wake-up system activates the configuration required to log the data.

At Influx, we consider every possible parameter that might become of any inconvenience to our customers. And, to aid this, our data loggers are powered with various sleep modes to take care of any battery issues that may arise because of them being installed in your vehicles.

The below graphs shows the battery run time for two wheelers, car, tractors and e-rickshaws with ReXgen in it is deep sleep or power down mode.


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