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Vehicle/Engine Calibration - ECU CAN Bus Data Loggers

In the world of technological advancement, one unwritten mandatory rule to be followed is that the latest/upcoming versions must always be better than their previous ones. Which somehow is very just, as who would like to invest their time, effort and money in something that has nothing new or better to offer. May it be any industry, technology's continuous evolution guarantees a bright future. And to achieve this continuous evolution, 'calibration' plays a significant role.

Calibration: in simple terms, it means finding an optimised set of parameters for a given device. It involves adjusting the parameters, measuring the changes in those parameters and achieving the desired behaviour.

Talking specifically of the automotive industry, every vehicle aims to become technologically superior to its competitors' vehicles and other similar models. Calibrating a vehicle refers to calibrating an enormous number of ECUs installed inside. It involves trusting a calibration system to measure correct values for calibrations and trusting it with the increased complexity of the data collection process. Hence the calibration system used in such an industry needs to be capable of designing tests, collecting advanced data, and analysing that data to aid the development process by identifying the optimal balance between the parameters.

But what if the device responsible for collecting that data for the calibration is not reliable?

For a calibration system to be most accurate, it needs a data logger to complement the entire process. And most correctly, a data logger that is not only accurate or reliable but is capable of logging the actual data without any losses.

Rebel from Influx is one such data logger that can be used to log the advanced data required for calibration of a Vehicle's ECUs using the XCP or CCP. The logged data can be easily Exported and used with various calibration data analysis tools to optimise the ECUs. Undoubtedly a data logger is required to complete the calibration process correctly. Calibrating any device involves trusting a data logger to measure correct values after each and every change made in calibration.

Few examples of vehicle calibration applications include -

  • ECU calibration

  • Engine calibration

  • Vehicle calibration

  • Calibration of fuel injection pump

  • Car speedometer calibration

  • Steering wheel sensor calibration

  • Diesel engine calibration

  • Diesel injection pump calibration etc.


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