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Tractor Fleet Monitoring - Performance Analysis (2022)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Application requirements:

Data collection from farming tractors.

Problems faced:

As the customer needed to gather data from multiple tractors working in the field in various locations, collecting data from each became challenging due to multiple unfavorable conditions.

· Multiple geographical locations.

· Variable and location-specific climatic and soil conditions.

· Availability of skilled technicians in multiple locations at the same time.

· Collecting data from all the vehicles at the same point in time.

Influx Products Used:

Rebel CT with 3G GPS ACC, K-Box with K-Bob, StreamLog


For successful and efficient field testing of tractors at multiple locations across the country (and abroad), our customer had each tractor (in their fleet) fitted with Influx Rebel CT4 to collect ECU and instrumentation data and transmit it to the cloud server; ECU data includes high-speed CCP/XCP data. Along with the Instrumentation device K-box, to measure parameters such as flow, RPM, plough depth etc.

Critical data is transmitted live to the StreamLog server over 3G/4G using the stream data feature, and the customer uses this data to improve vehicle calibration. Accurate location data from the influx rebel logger estimates the area covered during a test.

GPS enabled the customer to plot the track coordinates and study the area covered in detail. The customer has set up email alerts and stream data transfer over SFTP to their cloud data processing system.

In this case, the user needs to change the configurations in the logger to match the different versions of the vehicle calibration after updating it with a different A2L file, failing which the data may be incorrect. Since the customer is using StreamLog, they can easily switch the configuration over the air.

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