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Off-Highway Vehicle Validation (J1939) | Mining Machine Data Collection

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Application requirements: Data collection from mining.

Problems faced: The major challenge was to collect and monitor data from a place unsuitable for humans to work. Not only the technician but the device needed to face conditions such as:

· Harsh environmental conditions.

· Extremely variable Temperature range.

· Manual upgrades.

Influx Products Used: ReXgen Air

Results: The Customer here used ReXgen Air to validate their off-highway vehicles. ReXgen Air can be directly fitted into the vehicle, and updating the configuration does not require manual interventions. The device collected the ECU and instrumentation data from the mining truck and transmitted it to the cloud server for effective and effortless fleet data analytics.

ReXgen Air has a very efficient GPS that transfers accurate location and ECU data over FTPS to the Cloud data processing system (owned by the customer). The user has configured dashboards to monitor the entire fleet; for example, they could monitor the odometer readings correctly and manage their entire fleet remotely.

As ReXgen supports J1939 filters based on SPN and source or destination address. It turned out to be an ideal data logging solution for the customer.

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