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Flight CANBus data logger - Microlight Aircraft Case Study

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Implemented in: Microlight aircraft

The Influx’s ReXgen 2 IMU CAN Bus automotive data logger was successfully used to record the flight data for a microlight aircraft.

Inspiration and possible implementation -

According to the research, lighter aircraft contribute a massive 84% of global aircraft accidents. This indeed is a huge percentage, and apparently, there are no existing rules or regulations that make the presence of a flight data recorder mandatory in such aircraft.

But this does not change the fact that the probability of these aircrafts crashing is high. (As mentioned by the ‘User’ in his presentation)

To counter the challenges these aircraft were facing, the Influx Technology installed the ReXgen 2 IMU data logging device in one such aircraft to perform flight data recording.

Challenges -

  • It is always challenging to fit an extra component due to limited space in the aircraft, as lighter aircrafts are very small in size, a system that could not fit into the already existing space was not welcomed.

  • Weight of the aircraft: these aircraft need to stay very light in weight, so a system that adds minimum weight was required.

  • Scope of modification: In general, the cost involved in trying to modify the architecture of the aircraft is usually very high. The challenge was to find something that became an integral) part of the aircraft with minimal modifications and low-cost solutions.


  • Proper data recording device with no data loss.

  • Should support CANBUS protocol.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Portable and handy

  • Simple installation

  • Lightweight.

  • Cost-effective.

How did ReXgen 2 IMU help?

The Influx ReXgen 2 IMU is a compatible, efficient, feature-rich and easy to use device that offers exactly what was needed.

  • With the minimal adjustment, its compact architecture was easily mounted near the cockpit instrument panel of the aircraft.

  • The power requirements were taken care of by attaching a 12V to 5V converter to the Aux power point already present in the aircraft.

  • The CAN cable was directly connected to the spare CAN sockets (RJ45) available in the aircraft.

  • The raw CAN was easily accessible using the ReXdesk software.

Parameter logged: - More than 84 flight and engine parameters were logged during the flight test.

Possible usage:

  • With a bit of modification, the ReXgen 2 IMU can be mandatorily used as a Flight data recorder for all the microlight aircraft.

  • To expand the usage, envelop, it can be efficiently used to record flight parameters during training. For example, it can be implemented to record the pilot’s flying behaviour during the sortie, enabling the user to study the possible causes behind any failure.

  • Aircraft flight simulation using software like MATLAB as ReXgen has in-built IMU sensors and GNSS.

  • It can be effectively used for training purposes.

ReXgen 2 CAN Bus automotive data logger

The Influx ReXgen 2 CAN data logger brings accurate, secure and reliable data computing together in one handheld device. Engineered for excellence, we are proud to present this all-in-one data solution.

The Influx ReXgen 2 CAN Bus logger is one of the smallest, compact, robust and powerful handheld flight data recorder available in the market today. Targeted at applications that require a CAN 2.0, CAN FD flight data recorder and also a data computer.

For more information - ReXgen 2 CAN Bus Data Logger

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