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Case Study : Motor Cycle Data logging | CAN Bus Data Analysis

Application requirements: Collect data from multiple customer’s vehicles in multiple locations.

Problems faced: The user needed to collect data from multiple vehicles already used by a particular customer for analysis and development. The analysis was required to study the behaviour of existing vehicles in different parts of the country; data was needed to be collected from various riders to improve vehicle dynamics and performance. The process also included performing the same when a persistent issue was reported from some region, which cannot be recreated at test centres. This entire testing procedure gave rise to many challenges, such as:

· Multiple- vehicles/locations.

· Analysing breaks, throttle, Analog input, voltage outputs, breaking frequencies, intensity etc.

· Studying customer behaviour (multiple driving patterns).

· Variable driving conditions, such as roads, climate etc.

· Manual collection/upgradation and analysis of data.

Influx Products Used: Rebel CT with 4G GPS ACC, K-Box, StreamLog

Results: Customer logs CAN network and OBD data, using the inbuilt ADC input to connect various sensors, which help determine the vehicle dynamics like suspension movement, acceleration, braking GPS, IMU data etc.

All this essential information is streamed to the cloud server using the StreamLog system. StreamLog has options to monitor these incoming data on oscilloscopes. The customer is also provided with the option to take out the data from the server and create daily reports. These automated reports are combined and updated daily to obtain the exact response of the vehicles in the field, which is continuously used for the analysis and development of the vehicle without any human interventions.


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