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CAN Bus Logger to Support Warranty Claims: Gather Evidence for Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Application requirements: The user needed to collect data to validate the faults reported as a part of the warranty claims done by customers.

Problems faced: Often, our users came across certain claims by the end customer that did not qualify as a manufacturing fault. Instead, they seemed like something that could arise only if the machine was mishandled or tampered with. This resulted in serious strife between our users and the end customer and more over-created confusion during warranty claims.

Influx Products Used: ReXgen Air


The incredibly compact and efficient ReXgen Air Data loggers, designed to become a part of your vehicle during manufacturing, were fitted in the customer's vehicles as a standard fitment. These loggers enabled the customer to continuously record CAN Signals (J1939/Normal), store data on internal memory, and transfer it to a highly secure Cloud solution via FTPS/AWS S3.

The data helped the customer to identify any tampering/mishandling with the machine by their customers. The data collected from the logger enabled them to study the user’s behaviour and usage patterns, which allowed them to design dedicated warranty packages and help settle warranty claims. This data also can be used for development purposes to improve the existing device and is crucial when there is a warranty claim.


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