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CAN Bus Analyzer - Choose the right one

CAN bus analyser is a simple and easy to use tool which enables its user to develop, manage, maintain, test and debug a High-speed CAN network (or one’s CANbus network). It is a powerful and flexible tool that allows users to study and configure CAN networks.

A CAN bus analyser software not only facilitates receiving, sending, logging and analysing the CANbus data, but it also makes sure that no intrusive signals are transmitted on the vehicles CAN bus. These can also be termed “protocol analysis tools”’ used to capture the communication data across a specific interface and analyse it. The decoded data is further displayed for the user.

CAN Bus analyser

CANbus analysers can use filters (CAN ID, J1939 (SPN, PGN, SA)) and extract only relevant traffic on the analysed bus. These tools allow to import DBC files and visualise data in extracted form. Users can Log, replay, and export CAN messages. Some tools also have scopes and dials to visualise the CAN signals. Such software may be available as free software (with very few limited features) or as paid versions for better results and more features. (Can be selected according to the user’s need).

Influx brings you a “module analyser” software that offers five CAN bus network analysis tools in a single package.

CAN Bus analyser

A 5-in-1 easy-to-use CAN bus analyser with the following functions:

  • Integrated ODX/MDX editor

  • CAN and LIN BUS monitoring via DBC/LDF files. A DBC file editor

  • Automotive OBD ISO15765 and J1939 Scan tool

  • Automotive UDS ISO14229 support

  • Data acquisition and logging.

While using Influx Technology’s Module Analyser software, data can be extracted and viewed, as shown below.

CAN Bus analyser

It gives the users the liberty to view their CAN data in various formats, such as trace, oscilloscope and many more.

CAN Bus analyser

Click here, to know more on Influx CAN Bus Analyser.

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