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Terms & Conditions for Rent It At Influx

  • An extra 25% of the total rental amount should be paid as a deposit when signing the Lease Rental Agreement. Deposit payments will be applied to cover damages. The damaged logger/accessories must be turned in. The deposit will be refunded in case of no damage to the product.

  • You agree to make all lease rental payments in advance of each lease rental period. (except for 120 & 180 days, 50% of the amount has to be deposited in advance and rest on an equal monthly basis)

  • Shipping will be charged extra on a volume/weight basis, or the customer can arrange a direct pick up from our Bangalore office.

  • Your logger can be returned anytime. However, there is absolutely no refund for lease rental payments even when the logger is returned early. Lease rental payments are not on a 'pro-rata' basis.

  • All lease rental loggers have been inspected to ensure that they are in good operating condition. It is recommended the logger is tested and checked for damages at the time of pickup. The cost of any damages is the renter's responsibility after the logger is turned over to them.

  • Other than normal wear and tear, you may be charged repair or replacement fees against the invoice if found damaged.

  • The logger shall remain Influx Big Data Solutions' property until it has been paid for in full. You may have the option to purchase any rent-to-own qualifying logger at any time during the lease as long as you are not in default of this contract. If you exercise this option, the price you pay will be the list price of the logger.

  • If you are in default of this agreement, your agreement and next month payment shall immediately become due. If you are in default of this agreement, we may terminate this agreement with you and charge you for any outstanding balance. Suppose you are still in possession of the logger 2 days after we notify you of the termination. In that case, you will be responsible for the price of the logger plus all other costs, including any legal fees associated with collecting payment for the logger. Return of the logger as credit toward this obligation will no longer be accepted.

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