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CAN BUS: Basics

Imagine, wanting to communicate with someone and still following the old postcard system! Scary?

A basic intro into Controlled Area Network Bus

On-Board Diagnostics: Basics

An vehicle may not talk to us in our languages, but a “diagnostics system” is no less than a language that helps us to understand the condition of our vehicle properly.” A basic intro into OBD.

wiring harness.jpg

Can Errors: Basics

Errors are always bound to happen with systems, but a good system will always know how to detect the error, omit it and resend the rectified data. CAN bus in similar manner experiences such errors, but fights them effectively.   

The Next-Gen Data Computing

"We thought that our customers did not have the right product for the right project." Evolution of our next generation Data logger - ReXgen.

CAN BUS Troubleshooting: Guide

A detailed overview on how to identify and resolve CAN BUS communication problems. 

Data Loggers and their Importance

What is a data logger?

Importance of Data Loggers in Automotive Research & Development Fields.

LIN: Basics

What is LIN Bus?

The importance of LIN Bus in automotive communication systems.

Necessity of BMS in Electric Vehicles

It’s a clear fact that that, ensuring the safety of EV batteries is never a “solved issue, closed chapter” for EV manufacturers. What are the possible options?

IMU : Inertial Measurement Sensor

What is an IMU sensor?

The importance of IMU sensors in vehicle data loggers.

Data Loss

How can you be confident that the data logger will capture all the CAN Bus traffic?

Importance of Temperature Management in Automobiles.

A basic intro into the need of CAN based temperature loggers for timely monitoring & Management of temperature in various automobile components

Understanding GNSS

What is GNSS?

How GNSS act as a complete navigation system, over GPS?

Our Commitment towards the Environment

As an organization, what all we can do to conserve our environment?


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