Let's join together towards an era of green data!

Earth is the mother to everything possibly existing on it. It has given humankind the biggest wealth it could ever imagine but, in return, humans have made it difficult for Earth to survive. May it be pollution, from personal activities, or due to industrialization and deforestation; Earth’s health is deteriorating every second.

It is high time we realised that “We belong to the earth not the other way around” and took measures to keep it clean and healthy. As the environment, we build is the environment we live in.

Today various NGO’s and Government bodies are taking steps to protect it, but nothing seems to have completely fight the reasons that cause environmental damage like, global warming, floods, droughts, etc.


As humans, it is our prime duty to be responsible for our Environment, and do every possible bit to keep it and ourselves safe.

At Influx, we have taken an initiative to become environmentally friendly and stop pollution that is within our limits. From planting indoor plants to shifting to biodegradable packaging, we intend to do our best.

For so, all our ReXgen2 packing materials are 100% biodegradable and do not cause any harm to the environment.  

Biodegradable packing